Where in the World travel quizzes

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Enjoy geography…physical and cultural?

Enjoy travel…in real time and armchair travel time?

Well, here is a challenge for you…

follow these links and determine Where in the World we were when we took these photos.

Travel Quiz 1, click here 

Travel Quiz 2, click here

Travel Quiz 3, click here

Travel quiz 4, click here.


Travel Quiz 5, click here.

Travel Quiz 6, click here

Travel quiz 7, click here

Travel quiz 8, click here

Name that Cemetery, click here

DSCF6199a(New Zealand’s Hobbiton)

Travel Quiz 9, click here

Travel Quiz 10, click here.

Travel Quiz 11, click here.

Travel Quiz 12,click here.

Travel Quiz 14, click here.


Travel Quiz 15, Click here.

Travel Quiz 16, click here.

Travel Quiz 17, click here.

Travel Quiz 18, click here.

Travel Quiz 19, click here.

Two darlings2(China)

Foodies Quiz, click here.

Whose guard am I ? click here.

Travel Quiz 20, Click here.

Travel Quiz 21, click here.

Travel quiz 22, click here.

Travel quiz 23, click here.

DSCF2080a(Alhambra in Granada, Andalusia, Spain)

Travel quiz 24, Click here.

Travel quiz 25, click here.

Travel quiz 26, click here.

Travel quiz 27, click here.

Travel quiz 28, click here

Travel quiz 29, click here.

Check out Part 2click here.


Happy travels!

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