About us

Hello from the wife of this old buzzard. We definitely are people over 50 …okay, people over 60, but once you retire who keeps track? ┬áIt is only a number after all.

My name is Helen. I am retired … caught the travel bug as a child. My father was an avid reader who, through books, introduced me to foreign lands, beautiful art, and world history. With my dad and books as my guides I traveled the world in my mind.

As an adult I transformed those dreams into reality. Over the past thirty years or so my husband and I have traveled on our own (no tour companies) to 45 different countries. And yes, I counted Canada as one country and I counted the United States as one country, even though we have traveled extensively throughout both.

Through this blog it is my hope that you can share with us the joys of traveling internationally, learn from some of our mistakes, and perhaps even catch the travel bug. As Hans Christian Andersen wrote “To travel is to live!”