Hill House in Helensburgh, Scotland

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Just north of Glasgow, along the north bank of the Firth of Clyde, one will find the charming Scottish town of Helensburgh. And if you drive up one of the hills overlooking the firth, you will find an architectural treasure… Hill House. As you read the commentary and look at the photos keep in mind […]

Edinburgh Castle

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Walk up the Royal Mile towards Castle Rock. It is not a very steep climb and, besides, there are many little interesting shops and restaurants on the way up. Where are we?  Edinburgh, of course. And here we are at the top of the Royal Mile approaching our goal… Edinburgh Castle. (The Military Tattoo will […]

New Lanark Scotland

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The Industrial Revolution brought many changes…both good and bad. Take a trip back in history with us to one of the better changes. Welcome to Scotland. Welcome to the model industrial community of New Lanark.  We are about 40 km south east of Glasgow on the banks of the River Clyde. The town of Lanark […]

Travels in Scotland

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Scotland…have you visited the country? Would you like to see the country? Join us as we travel this welcoming land. Travel Quiz 4 Isle of Skye Listen to the Music Skye Museum of Island Life Falkirk’s Rotating Wheel Edinburgh Castle Hill House, Helensburgh New Lanark (World Heritage Site)   Visit other countries with us, too…click here. […]