Fort Calgary, Canada

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Oh give me a home Where the buffalo roam… (Do you remember that song?) Ever wished you had such a home? You know, if you had lived more than 200 years ago such a home would have been possible on the Canadian prairies. Then in the 1800’s European explorers arrived. The brilliant cartographer, David Thompson, […]

Fort Edmonton, Canada

November 9, 2015 by  
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Let’s head back in Canadian history… to the mid 1840’s. Fort Edmonton here we come. (Click on any photo to enlarge it.) We enter the park and find ourselves in a train station (a train station of the 1920’s!) A refurbished steam train takes us back… figuratively, back in time; literally, to the far end of the park. […]

Salmon run, Shuswap, Canada

October 19, 2014 by  
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There was a river…the Adams river… in central British Columbia,Canada. And by that river there was a trail. And on that trail there was a plaque. And on that plaque there was a poem. (Hint: Click on the photo to enlarge it.) A poem by conservationist Roderick Haig-Brown. A poem dedicated to the Pacific salmon […]

Cheticamp, Cape Breton Island

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Bienvenue  to Cheticamp… a unique, special town on the western shores of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. Many travelers might know Cheticamp as the starting point for a drive on the famous Cabot Trail. However Cheticamp has much to offer in its own right. We are in the heart of the land of the […]