The High Roller

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High Roller. Observation¬†Wheel. Ferris wheel. Whatever you call it…it is fun! Welcome to Las Vegas and a ride on the High Roller. (Hint: Click on photo to enlarge it.) Reminds one of the wheel in London, England, doesn’t it. But we are in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. More specifically, in the general area of The […]

Downtown Las Vegas

August 31, 2015 by  
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There are different sections to Las Vegas. The one¬†most of us likely think of when we hear “Las Vegas” is known as The Strip.The original town of Las Vegas (known as Downtown) is a city bus ride or a car trip just north of The Strip. Welcome to a glimpse of Downtown Las Vegas. Driving […]

A Glimpse of Las Vegas

August 30, 2015 by  
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Let’s take a “quick” walk down The Strip in Las Vegas. I put “quick” in quotations because distances in Vegas are deceptive… “The hotel is just over there, we can walk.” becomes “Why did we not take a cab!” when 40 minutes later you are still walking and not yet at the destination that seemed […]

Worldwide Tour

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Short of time travel, do you think you could visit all these places/do all these things in one day? Ride in a gondola… Cross the Rialto Bridge… Go up the Eiffel Tower… Have supper in Piazza Saint Marco… Admire the pyramids and Sphinx… Stroll around the Colosseum… Visit with some penguins…. AND admire New York’s […]