Waterfalls…are there more

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Still hanging in there, eh. Good for you! We have visited twelve countries so far… let’s add some more. Hint: click on any photo to enlarge it. Berlin Falls South Africa We were driving the Panorama Highway in northern South Africa when we came upon the Berlin Falls. Truly, we were in Africa and not […]

Waterfalls Around the World

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Water, water everywhere… and much of it is plummeting down great heights. How many of these waterfalls have you visited? Iguazu Falls, click here. Brazil, Iguazu Falls, click here. Argentina,  Iguazu Falls, click here. Five waterfalls, click here. Five more waterfalls, click here. Even more waterfalls, click here. Waterfalls…are there more? click here. Still counting waterfalls, […]

Variations on a Theme

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In most of my postings (that’s me above, the old buzzard!) we have traveled in one country and then moved on to another country in a different posting. So, now… I am going to pick a theme and following that thread through many different countries that we have visited. Therefore, Pick a theme and travel with […]

Waterfalls, Geysers, and Glaciers

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Where is the perfect place to see waterfalls, geysers and glaciers all in one afternoon? Why, Iceland, of course! Let’s start with the waterfalls. There are many, many of them in the most unexpected places…but probably the most visited one is  Gullfoss.             Gullfoss waterfall is part of the Golden […]