Iceland, this and that

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Q: What do you do when there are photos and memories that just did not seem to fit anywhere else? A: You put them on a website named This and That       The Icelandic language is delightful to listen to…but not that easy to speak, or read. Aside: Did you know Iceland is […]

Travels in Iceland

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Iceland…does it rank on your bucket list? It did on mine. If you are thinking of visiting Iceland and would like a glimpse before you go, click on any of the following links. Or if you have already been there, click on any of the following links to relive some of your adventures. Tour Reykjavik, […]

A Visit to Reykjavik, Iceland

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Can you name the capital of Iceland? Right! Reykjavik is not only Iceland’s largest city…it is also the capital.  Come. Join us on a mini tour of this inviting city in the middle of the northern Atlantic Ocean. My husband is a walker and found that the city is small enough to walk many places. […]