Terracotta Warriors

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Near China’s ancient capital of Xian, one can visit an army of terracotta soldiers. Ready to travel back…way back? to the 3rd century BC? Flying there from Bejing will take about two hours in the air. Then join a guided tour (or if you are lucky enough to have friends in China, they may take you). A […]

Making Traditional Fabric in China

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Admiring the colorful clothing of some of the minorities in China, one can not help but wonder about the process of making these lovely fabrics. So, let’s go on a photo adventure and take a glimpse at how the fabrics were/are traditionally made. First of all one would need thread. Well, yes…but I was thinking about […]

Travels in China

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Travel the beautiful land of China. It will surprise you. It will enchant you with its beauty and variety. Ready? Let’s begin our visit. Travel Quiz 29, click here. Visit  markets in Guizhou (southern China), click here. Travel Quiz 30, click here. Making Traditional Fabrics, click here. Terracotta Warriors, click here Musical Instruments, click here

Travel Quiz 29 answer

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So you think you know where in the world the photo was taken, do you. Did you pick up on the title, Anlong? Do you know what Anlong means? Did you figure out what they were making and selling? Okay, I will quit teasing! To recap… here is the photo. Where in the world? Answer: This […]