Fort Calgary, Canada

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Oh give me a home

Where the buffalo roam…


(Do you remember that song?)

Ever wished you had such a home? You know, if you had lived more than 200 years ago such a home would have been possible on the Canadian prairies.

Then in the 1800’s European explorers arrived.

The brilliant cartographer, David Thompson, mapped much of western North America


(Hint: click on any photo to enlarge it.)

…paving the way for more exploration.

Soon there were enough Europeans, and enough problems, to warrant a police presence.

Enter the NWMP (North West Mounted Police)


and the establishment of Fort Calgary along the banks of the Bow River (where the Elbow River joins it).


There were  not many mounties and they had a huge territory to patrol, but they had a vision and were determined.


Under the leadership of Colonel MacLeod  they succeeded in their mission.

The area was secured and ready for the Trans Canada railway and settlers.


Col. MacLeod statue with NWMP barracks in background.

(Yes, the same Col. MacLeod as in Fort MacLeod and MacLeod Trail in Calgary.)

Note: Just to the right of the barracks is the Fort Calgary Museum where we took many of these photos.

Settlers arrived…


Here is the first house in Calgary (now on the same grounds as Deanne House)

Inside the museum you can follow the growth of Calgary from the time of the fort, through the coming of the railway, the first world war, etc.


On a pathway just in front of the museum is a unique, informative timeline.


Follow that path, cross the Elbow River, and visit the grounds of Deanne House (home of the NWMP superintendent). There you will find this statue of a Mountie…img_7135a-fort-calgary

looking out over the river and onto a vision realized…

the city of Calgary today.


Where to now?

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Happy travels!

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