Bourke Luck Potholes

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The tourist guides said this was a “must see” spot to visit when driving the Panorama Route.



But okay, let’s have a look.


Yes, it is rather attractive here.

Interesting colours in the rocks.


Nice waterfall.

Oh, my! What on earth!

(Hope you are enlarging the photos for a better look.)


These must be some of the potholes!

Now I understand why this on the “must see” list.


Imagine how powerful the water must be/have been to carve all this.

At the visitor centre we learn this is where two rivers converge (one of them being the Blyde River…“river of joy” ; the other, Treur River “river of sorrow”).

Let’s follow some of the pathways and explore some more.

Both sides of the canyon…


Thank goodness there are metal railings as that is quite a drop.

But if this group of students on a field trip can be safe here, I can manage it too.



This area is very well managed. It cost about R25 per person, but it is well worth it. A large picnic area, food kiosks, souvenir shop, visitor centre and, of course, the main attraction…the Potholes!

Can’t imagine I’m saying this, but…visit the Potholes!


Where to next?

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Happy travels!

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